What Happened

What Happened in my family would take a lot of words to describe, and someday I will. I have to. I don’t know any other way to make it stop haunting me. Right now it’s just always there, in my peripheral vision. It’s not scary, but when I try to look at it straight-on, I … Continue reading What Happened

Stronger by the day

In my quest to strengthen my arthritic hips and reintroduce myself to strength training on my own terms, I made a list of exercises that are gentle enough to do every day but hard enough to make me sweat a bit and dread them a little (that's how you know they're effective!). My physical therapist … Continue reading Stronger by the day

Target, Kaiser, and Man’s Search for Meaning

Twelve years ago, I stood in front of the cleaning supply section at a Safeway in Guerneville, California, frozen. “You’re looking for the magic wand. It’s not here,” my brother-in-law Scott said gently. We were preparing to go into my mom’s house. Was it twelve years ago? Were we moving her stuff to a new … Continue reading Target, Kaiser, and Man’s Search for Meaning